1.To build a global socialmetaverse platform 2.CAT production reduction mechanism 3.Team incentive 4.Genesis Cats 5.Plan of CAT ecologicalapplication scenario 6.Major time node plan 1.To build a global socialmetaverse platform 2.CAT production reduction mechanism 3.Team incentive 4.Genesis Cats 5.Plan of CAT ecologicalapplication scenario 6.Major time node plan
When the global cumulative activeusers reach 5 million, CAT trading will be officially opened

1.To build a global socialmetaverse platform

ChatAny - Chat Anywhere, With Anybody

ChatAny - Chat Anywhere, With Anybody ChatAny is the first virtual social platform of the next-generation metaverse that supports global users to make friends, lives,and entertain without borders. On the basis of LBS (Location Based Services)functionality, the users can find nearby persons or users from anywhere in the world that you are interested in real time and easily start conversations by using thesystem's automatic language translation.
Based on blockchain technology, ChatAny will issue CAT (ChatAnyToken) as a uni-versal points within the platform metaversesystem, and take advantage of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to achieve decentralized governance.

Mining by users

Long-term locked position

CatStar is ChatAny's global version ofchaos, designed to connect users around the world ahead of time by distributing CAT for free. CAT, as a global operating fund lately to be used in a transparent andstandardized way after voting by community nodes, issued a total of 1 trillion,of which 20% will be a long- term locked position, and 80% will be mined for free by users around the word.

2.CAT production reduction mechanism

Active users /mining rate (CAT/sec)

(Person / million)

The platform designs a mining yield reduction mechanism based on the number of users.The more users, the more difficult the mining and the lower the miningrate. When the global active users reach 100 millin, the rate will decrease to 0.00001CAT/s and keep constant until al lthe mining is out.

3.Team incentive

Team incentive = persons of active team x basic income x 10%

With each your team friend online you canaccelerate the income by 10%,and the income can be double with a touch of the finger. If there are enough friends,you can even accelerate the income by 10-2 0times,no upper limit !
For example, the current mining rate is 0.1CAT/S. There are 20 friends in your team.Today, 10 of them started mining. Then, your total mining rate today is 0.1+0.1x 10%x10=0.2(CAT/S).

4.Genesis Cats

Users who hold more than 1 million CAT in their wallet and more than 100 active friends in their team can apply for GenesisCats certifhcation. The number of applicants is limited to 10,000,which will be determined according to the registration date. As the frst batch of immigrants ofthe CatStar, Genesis Cats will enjoy theprivileges as follows:
  • Exchange for GenesisCats NFT head portrait
  • Withdrawal and sold-out prviegeof the NFT
  • Cash repurchase andsuper node dividends
  • Internal transaction testand priority batchwithdrawal

5.Plan of CAT ecologicalapplication scenario

NFT virtual assets: In exchange for rare collections of official and user- minted NFT</p>

NFT blind box lottery-drawn

NFT cash withdrawal

NFT exchange and purchase

NFT forging

NFT store decoration

NFT bazaar

Token circulation system: Get through the circulation of an internal and external system of transaction, circulation, consumption, and repurchase

Listed transaction

Defi financial management


Repurchase and destruction

Pledge voting

Physical consumption

Internal payment functions: Use and consume through ChatAny to build internal payment functions

Pay for chat

Gift purchase

VIP member

Live streaming and giving reward

Homepage customization

Value-added services

6.Major time node plan


Cat Star launching


Global active usersreach 0.1m


Genesis NFTs begin issue


Global active usersreach 0.5m


NFTs open internal transfer


Global active usersreach Im


Genesis Cats membersreach 0.01mmemoers


Genesis Cats avatar NFTs issue


CAT withdrawal andtransaction test


Global active usersreach 3m


transaction test


Global active usersreach 5m


Officially launched CAT trading plan


Open users withdraw in batches

Jan-june .2024

Successively listed on global leading exchanges


Global active usersreach 10m


Chatany1.0 officially launched


Chatany2.0 ofnicially launched


Chatany3.0 officially launched


Global active usersreach 100m

The above time node plan is only estimated by the team in accordance with the company's plan to invest capital and manpower and thegeneral development pace. The specifc schedule may be adjusted according to theactual situation of project development and operation,and shall be subject to subsequent announcement of the platform.

Start mining within a minute, fill out a simple registration form and get your personal account in CatStar